About us

“PROSteamClean Canada” is an enterprise that specializes in steam cleaning and disinfection. At the moment, our services are available in Montréal, South Shore and surroundings. We offer professional grade commercial cleaning and general maintenance that’s needed throughout most enterprises.

As for disinfection services, we use the latest technology available today in first quality products in terms of steam cleaning machines, known in the industry as being the best there is for steam disinfection applications and needs. In respect of your enterprise’s needs and budget, a traditional cleaning or disinfection service is also offered, at a more affordable price tag. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Since our enterprise cares about environmental and ecological issues, all professional services offered by “PROSteamClean Canada” are eco-friendly and usage of harmful chemical products are minimal or close to none. For us, the impact on the environment is very important, that’s why “PROSteamClean Canada” works green.

Our professional cleaning and disinfection services are particularly well adapted for environments that need cleaning and disinfection on a regularly basis like:

  • Day care installations, preschool educational installations
  • Drugstores
  • Clinics (dental, medical and others)
  • Etc.

Our Mission:

Becoming a leader in offering professional grade commercial cleaning, disinfection and general maintenance services and a pioneer in steam disinfection in Québec.

Our Vision:

That steam cleaning usage, throughout our expertise, becomes the number one choice for every enterprise where steam cleaning on a regularly basis is a must.